Business Up Front

Guests are welcomed to this executive home through stunning twin feature walls and impeccable garden beds.

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Party Out Back

A modern design encourages a relaxed atmosphere with multiple lounge areas, a sleek cabana and an outdoor room.

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Customer Testimonial

I don’t have the time to micro-manage. If I’m going to get someone to do the job, it’s got to be done right. These guys were energetic, and they had great ideas. They took my idea, and they enhanced it.

Special Features



There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of falling water providing a chic hotel-vibe.


Lounge area

Curl up with a book, relax in the sun, have a drink at night – it’s all right here in your very own backyard.


Fire bowls

As the sun goes down, this backyard comes alive as a destination hot spot.


Feature wall

Rick teak and accent lighting add sophistication to your front entrance.

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How can we turn your backyard into a dream destination? Feel free to contact us to book a consultation.

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