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There’s no substitute for great design. Impressive stone pillars with gas lanterns let you know you’re somewhere special. This fantastic feature wall creates a zen-like atmosphere for a poolside lounge.

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Time to Reflect

The multi-level deck makes efficient use of the available space allowing room for a full-sized pool and patio area. High, decorative grass allows for privacy from neighbours.

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Customer Testimonial

We can’t help but relax when we come outside. We are so surprised at everything we were able to pack into this backyard. We really don’t feel like we had to sacrifice any of our wish-list items.

Special Features


Custom Lighting

Lighting embedded into the stone makes night time swimming safe, fun, and beautiful.


Feature Wall

Doing something unexpected with the feature wall really adds a dramatic element to this project. It adds a focal point that is calming and serves to define the space while at the same time, opening the view to what is beyond the seating area.


Falling Water

The sound of rushing water adds a soothing experience while sitting outside. Twin spouts on the stone pillars provide a feeling of balance.


A Night Out

As the sun goes down, this backyard heats up. Gas lanterns and garden lights create an exciting atmosphere for a night time dip.

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