Enduring stone, thick warm timber, and riveted metal sheets all combine at the front door to give an impression of permanence and strength.

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Sleek, modern lighting is used to highlight this home’s beautiful timber frame gables, as well as the unique driveway design and polished concrete walkway.

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Special Features


Privacy Screen

Instead of a conventional picket fence, this property features a unique black stained wood design that adds interest and privacy from the road.


Concrete Walk

An ultra modern polished poured concrete walk, that features unique lighting, leads you to the front door.


Layered Plantings

Using repetition, a restrained colour palette, squared off beds and layered plantings the garden is made to compliment the style of the home.


Rustic Fence

Using steel I beams and unfinished timber, this side-yard fence adds texture and character while adding privacy.

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